Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recently I have been treating myself to some beautiful hand crafted treasures from clever British sellers on Etsy.  I've finally got round to taking some pictures.

Firstly I must tell you about my hares.  I've always had a thing for hares, and you'll find a couple in my jewellery collection.   Rachel Elliott from Edinburgh is a glass sculptor and makes these adorable glass leverets.

I was lucky enough to be her 100th sale and so she sent me some equally cute glass carrots to feed my new babies!

The hares are breeding like rabbits!  I also bought from Rachel some plywood creatures which are a by-product of the glass cutting process.  Perfect for painting!

And what about this lovely little man from Stupidcats?  Isn't he adorable?!  

And I also purchase some other "felted goodness" from her to (to use her own words!)

Michelle also produces fantastic Cat portraits to using "water-resistant crayon, india ink and a little scritchy-scratchy-scrapey-tooly-thingy!"

And just look at these lovely botanical gift tags from Laura at KitzieG!

I'm so happy with my buys.  I have many more items I'll post in the coming days.  Take a look at these lovely sellers shops and follow their latest exploits on Facebook and Twitter.  


  1. You did great at the BnR - wish I could have been free to take part that weekend.
    Sally a.k.a. LifeCovers

  2. Hi Sally :) Yes, I spent far too much, as usual!

  3. Oh Alison you lucky thing getting the glass hares, they are definitely on my wish list if I ever get richer!So jealous of the Northern Lights aswell. x

  4. Ooh you did get some lovely things Alison, thanks for sharing pics of your goodies!

  5. ooh quite jealous of the gift tags, I love KitzieG stuff!

  6. Such beautiful goodies, thanks for sharing Alison! And so pleased you love your gift tags :)