Sunday, 12 June 2011

First craft fair

Well I finally took part in my first craft fair yesterday at Dounby School in Orkney.  The thought of filling a table with jewellery was quite daunting, so I worked hard all last week trying to make up enough stock.  I knew I had to raise the height of my work as tables can be quite low and people really need to see jewellery nearer eye level.  Anyway I came up with an ingenious idea which involved placing the table upon 4 buckets.  Well it seemed to work, although I might have had problems if anyone leant on the table!

Anyway, I met some lovely people both visitors and stall holders.  Everyone was very supportive and helpful. Thanks especially to Fiona of Castaway Crafts and Francis of Francis Garriock Jewellery.  The day was a complete success and I'm thoroughly looking forward to my next fair next weekend.

You might like to see my new line inspired by the pebbles at Skaill Bay, our beautiful local beach.  These are currently available for sale in my Etsy shop and my Folksy shop and can be made in different sizes.

And this one is a one of a kind.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your first craft fair - I did my 1st one a month ago - I completely agree about your suggestion of lifting things to eye level - I wasn't as equipped as you and all my jewellery was flat - I've bought boxes and shelves for my next one though!! Lovely display - clean & simple works so well! Tip for other readers: bring a mirror too as people always want to try things on!! x

  2. Hi Nicola - so glad you found my blog! Love your work and your shop is so beautifully presented. If you ever holiday in Orkney, fetch your camera and I might give you a job photographing my items! lol x

  3. Your table looked great, very professional. It would definitely would have grabbed my attention. X

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  5. Hi Alison - your presentation is fab! I'd have stopped....