Thursday, 24 February 2011

I knew I wouldn't be good at this

Posting regular blog posts that is!  I started off with such good intentions and then it all falls by the wayside!

Well it has been an interesting week up here.  The general auction was held at the cattle market (Mart) last week, and I came home with a lovely Arts & Crafts style lamp base along with the usual few boxes of rubbish!

We all kept our eyes peeled on the night skies on Thursday night hoping to see the Northern Lights, or the merry dancers as they are known in this part of the world.  There had been widely reported news of major solar storms increasing the chances of being able to see them.  This would have been a first for me, if only the pesky moon hadn't been brilliant and bright and lighting up the sky too much for the lights to be visible.  Friday night brought cloud wind and rain and so there was no hope to see them.  Ahhh well, another time...

On Sunday afternoon a herd of various sized and shaped horses wildly galloped past our house up the road having no respect for the highway code!  They appeared to have gotten loose from a nearby field so I raced into action to summon the local farmer to help round them up.  He was much cooler about the situation than me and I pictured him riding bareback waving a lasso above his head as he rounded them up and led them back to the safety of their paddock.  Instead he guided them slowly up the road in his 4 by 4.  A far less impressive sight but very well done none the less!

The snowdrops are now fully out in our garden and they are a very impressive sight.  Having only been in our house 6 months, we weren't sure what was growing and it seems that we have, at the very least masses of snowdrops, daffodils, rhubarb and gooseberry bushes.  It's nice to seem things growing again.  A sure sign that Spring is around the corner.

I've managed to pull my finger out this week and design a few other pieces of jewellery.  Here is a sneak preview which hopefully will be listed on Etsy and Folksy soon.  Hope you like them!

Hare necklace to accompany the Hare brooch

Paisley necklace to accompany Paisley brooch.  Matching earrings in the pipeline!

Stars petite earrings

Copper and sterling silver dot studs

I've also designed a longship necklace and earrings that I hope to be starting work on soon.


  1. Galloping horses and northern live in such a wonderful place!

    Liking the new paisley pendant, the silver and copper mix is so pretty.

  2. I love those star earrings. Next on my wish list! I'd love to see the northern lights one day, beautiful x