Thursday, 3 February 2011


We have a ordered a couple of piglets to be delivered in March, so that we can raise them and have pork in Autumn.  I'm supposed to outside now building them a pigsty, but have you seen the weather?!  30mph wind gusting up to 70mph.  I think I'll leave it till another day...

The pigs we are getting are from Garry and Inga at Newfields Rare Breeds Farm.  We went to see them in October and they have a wonderful set up there in Orphir.  And lots of adorable piggies! The pork they produce is so much tastier than you get from supermarkets.

The pigs have plenty of space to roam around in and they spend most of their lives outside.  They have an AMAZING view over Scapa bay!  Many supermarket pork is from farms that intensively rear pigs indoors and most pigs never see sunlight or get chance to do normal pig things like rooting in the ground for food.  We're looking forward to bringing up our own bacon as I know we will give them a very happy albeit short little life.

Hmmm... I feel a piggie necklace coming on!

Just look at this lovely handmade cushion I found.  I want!

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  1. Those little pigs will be so cute! Loving your blog and the mix of craft and general, had to respond when you posted the pig cushion (I'm reading your blog backwards chronologically if that makes any sense) because I love Helkat stuff too and was thrilled when I heard they were based nearby me in Wiltshire too. I kind of like it when I realise the world isn't such a big place and everything is connected. Thanks for your recent like on FB too. Alexa